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Xiaomi Mi 10


hi guys it’s SBT and this is the Xiaomi meet g and this represents the latest flagship smartphone series from Xiaomi this year they launched it back in February in China some four months ago and there was a fair amount of hype back then but fast forward to now how does this phone actually stack oven who is it actually really for Xiaomi kindly offered to sponsor this video but of course all views are my own now the me series tends to be very very popular amongst Xiaomi fans because it represents the very best from Xiaomi of that calendar year but crucially it keeps the price down compared to other high-end flagship phones also under that a thousand pound mark that haunts a lot of other manufacturers so what are the five main ways to tell that this is their flagship smartphone series this year the snapdragon chip Wi-Fi and g connectivity a large mAh battery cell impressive camera setup and a rather sexy design speaking of design it’s pretty nice and clean both on the front with its edge to edge immersive display and on the rear with the camera setup in a nice clean line at the top left I personally prefer the clean line camera setups than the more square or circular arrays that are out there but let me know in the comments what you think speaking of that rear camera array the me is capable of shooting video in K and a ridiculous K the stabilization at K is not great but the autofocus is really pretty impressive you are limited to and frames per second at this resolution but if you did need to go to frames for example that is an option at and k I wish xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers offered frames per second on more resolutions to get that kind of cinematic look if you wanted it but it’s certainly not a breaker the video stabilization could again definitely be improved at k but it is very good at k and the audio packs a punch also voice seems clear and fairly loud although if you are recording in loud settings the background noise can sometimes be a bit off-putting as well as the primary lens you can also record video using the wide angle lens and when zoomed in also more on how those performed for photos in a second the only real negative I see from a video point of view is the fact that you are limited to p on the front-facing camera so no k and no frames a second either so for content creators for example that may be an issue for you but for the general public it should be fine if we move to photography again we have a stand out feature the megapixel wide-angle lens which when selected gives you fantastic detail noticeable especially when you crop in the phone also doesn’t seem to suffer from the same slow processing speed of the Mino from late last year when using that megapixel sensor so a big thumbs up xiaomi for that now unfortunately there isn’t a telephoto lens onboard but you do have a megapixel macro lens which does a really pretty decent job and must say regardless of how often I would personally use it which is probably not a lot one lens I do like using on smartphones is of course an ultra-wide and the me has a megapixel sensor within a hundred and seventeen degree field of view not the widest on the market but photos do come out looking fairly sharp with good dynamic range something that runs right through to the primary lens also you can see examples of this in the bright sky areas which don’t tend to overexpose will become blown out like some competitors do rear portrait shots and selfies from the front megapixel sensor of color accurate and true to life with not a crazy amount of saturation now in my opinion on future products Xiaomi could improve edge detection and depth sensing capabilities as sometimes items in the foreground can appear blurred when they should be in focus etc one pretty cool feature here though is you can actually alter real time the f-stop changing the amount of blur you get in the background again this is software base though so you can sometimes run into problems around the edges low-light shots appear natural with good detail although really low-light shots often turn out looking a little bit on the dark side the front camera doesn’t have a dedicated night mode and results are okay but in really no light it will struggle because of it so moving on to that six point six seven inch full HD plus curved AMOLED display it’s super bright and vibrant with good color reproduction and it has a Hertz refresh rate now yes the growing trend in is for refresh rates of even one full full Hertz to some extent but as I’ve said time and time again the jump between Hertz which we were used to over the last few years was a felt like a big jump whereas from to can tell when the side-by-side but it’s not as drastic and they certainly does feel nice and smooth when scrolling browsing the internet and gaming also Hertz strikes a happy medium between great smooth performance and also improved battery life as of course the higher the refresh rate the more zapping it is on the system and speaking of battery in the time that I’ve been using this phone the four thousand seven hundred and eighty mAh cell has pretty much got me give or take a few minutes here or there around nine hours of screen on time which is just incredible on top of that the watts fast charging and get this watts fast wireless charging is meant I’ve been able to fully charge this phone in about one hour so this battery and display combo as well as the liquid cooling system have meant long periods watching movies and gaming have been a breeze and it also has stereo speakers which aids this also but they’re not ideal at the same time sound quality is very high clear vocals and minimal Distortion however if you are someone who likes to game a lot when you hold the phone in the natural gaming position because the speaker’s fire outwards top and bottom and not forwards they are easy to cover when gripping the phone so it’s great for blocking sound if your phone goes off unexpectedly and you’re like oh I’ll turn that down but yeah some people may prefer front-facing ones the software is Android with xiaomi’s me UI skin over the top which doesn’t feel like stock Android for sure but there is a growing feeling that it’s moving closer over the last few years while still maintaining some the quirks that Xiaomi fans have always loved and regardless of what your tipple is software wise in terms of looks it’s very hard to deny Xiaomi UI is always one of the fastest and most fluid available and now they’ve added that higher refresh rate display it’s just a joy to use so one’s a price how much does this thing actually cost and this is an area that I’m a bit torn on one hand the $. UK byte now price is cheaper than some of its competitors available but it’s still not cheap if it was price a at $. or even $. I would say absolutely go and get it it’s a really really tough phone but at $. even though I still can recommend it it’s still I think worth that amount of money there’s just a lot more competition in that price bracket on the market there’s also a pro model of this phone showcased on the Xiaomi website with an enhanced camera setup and watts fast charging but no bite now options available in the UK at this time so to answer the original question how does the Xiaomi me stack up now months down the line and the answer is pretty well other phones have been released since which are similar in quality at this price point but it certainly still holds its own if you’re someone who wants every single feature possible and are willing to pay a lot of money for that then this might not be the best option for you but if you want a phone at a reasonable price and with the majority of features available in a great package then it’s definitely one to consider love to know what you think of the Xiaomi me in the comment section below like and share the video if you enjoyed it and found it helpful subscribe if you’re new to the channel and love everything tech break and tech news unboxings reviews all of you leaving I’ll see in the next one Espio TV

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